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Established in 1972, Rotoplast, strong through its experiences, stands at your disposal for the development and implementation of your projects.

Rotational moulding is the most suitable technique for the production of seamless hollow bodies for small and medium-sized series.

This original technique implements plastics as colored powder in a mould rotating on two perpendicular axes.

The manufacture of a piece in rotational moulding is divided in 3 phases :

  1 - a polymer in powder form is placed in the mould.
  2 - the mould is placed in an oven and under the influence of heat, the powder melts away and takes exactly the shape of the walls of the mould.
  3 - the mould is cooling to solidify the piece.

With the reduced cost of tooling, rotational moulding is fully competitive with other casting techniques.

This technique was previously reserved for cisterns and handling tanks.

With a development of materials and machines, the process has become a reference in agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, military and civil aviation as well as in many other highly targeted applications.

The almost total freedom that offers rotational moulding enables the production of the most complex parts in extremely varied volumes.

Rotoplast transforms all raw materials (PE, PP, PA, reticulate,...) and has mastered all the techniques of rotational moulding : double wall, multi-layered, with or without foaming, with or without integration of metal inserts in the walls of the part.

The finishing of the parts in our workshops according to the specification allows the assembly of multiple components (wheels, plugs, rivets, handles, seals...), the inspection of the sealing, the piercing, the serigraphy...

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